Sgrafitto Street


Sgraf­fito is a tech­nique used in paint­ing, pot­tery, and glass, which con­sists of putting down a pre­lim­i­nary sur­face, cov­er­ing it with another, and then scratch­ing the super­fi­cial layer in such a way that the pat­tern or shape that emerges is of the lower color. In pot­tery the pat­tern is incised through a white or col­ored slip (mix­ture of clay and water washed over the ves­sel before fir­ing), reveal­ing the body color beneath. Sgraf­fito ware was pro­duced by Islamic pot­ters and became com­mon through­out the Mid­dle East. The 18th-century scratch blue class of Eng­lish white stoneware is dec­o­rated with sgraf­fito pat­terns touched with blue. Sgraf­fito ware was pro­duced as early as 1735 by Ger­man set­tlers in colo­nial Amer­ica.

Ha Austin decorates a mug using Sgraffito
Ha Austin dec­o­rates a mug using Sgraffito


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Artists on Sgraf­fito Street

119. Mal­danado
120. Cecile & D. Hay­worth
121. Jamie Ander­son
122. Michael Fromme
123. Jan Renti­naar
124. Aimee Brewer
125. Tim Havens
126. Richard & Robin Sanchez
127.Elisa Mitchell
128.Hanna Traynham