Pugmill Parkway


A pug­mill or pug mill is a machine in which clay or other mate­ri­als are mixed into a plas­tic state or a sim­i­lar machine for the trit­u­ra­tion of ore. Indus­trial appli­ca­tions are found in pot­tery, bricks, cement and some parts of the con­crete and asphalt mix­ing processes. A pug­mill may be a fast con­tin­u­ous mixer. A con­tin­u­ous pug­mill can achieve a thor­oughly mixed, homo­ge­neous mix­ture in a few sec­onds. Mix­ing mate­ri­als at opti­mum mois­ture con­tent requires the forced mix­ing action of the pug­mill pad­dles, while soupy mate­ri­als might be mixed in a drum mixer. A typ­i­cal pug­mill con­sists of a hor­i­zon­tal box­like cham­ber with a top inlet and a bot­tom dis­charge at the other end, 2 shafts with oppos­ing pad­dles, and a drive assem­bly. Some of the fac­tors affect­ing mix­ing and res­i­dence time are the num­ber and the size of the pad­dles, pad­dle swing arc, over­lap of left and right swing arc, size of mix­ing cham­ber, length of pug­mill floor, and mate­r­ial being mixed.

Ceram­ics pug mills, or com­monly just “pugs”, are not used to grind or mix, rather they extrude clay bod­ies prior to shap­ing processes. Some can be fit­ted with a vac­uum sys­tem that ensures the extruded clay bod­ies have no entrapped air. Accord­ing to the 1913 edi­tion of Webster’s Dic­tio­nary, a clay pug mill typ­i­cally con­sists of an upright shaft armed with pro­ject­ing knives, which is caused to revolve in a hol­low cylin­der, tub, or vat, in which the clay body is placed.

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Artists on Pug­mill Parkway:

8. Denise Kruger
9. Karen Mahoney
10. Robert Brandt
11.John Kinder
12. Bar­bara Her­tel
13. Cheri &D Posedel
14. Jeanne Kim
15. Dave Hugh
16. Horn/ Mon­tigue
17. Julie Stew­art
18. Michelle Rigert
20. Michelle Gal­lagher
21. Jean Chapin
22. Jensen/ Marineau
23. Gauer/Radick
24.Steve Kelly
25. Avi Har­ri­man
26. Tea Thanbinh Duong
27. Nina Fernstrom-Duong
28. Deb­o­rah Moen
29. Christo­pher Borg
87. Tony Hack­en­bruck
88. Chris Paulsen
89.Craig Fent
90. Ron Linn
91. Rovani/Steyn
92. Ginny Gib­son
93. San­dra Hout­man
94. Moko Hori
95. Deb Shapiro
96. Sol Zim­mer­dahl
97. Peter Alsen
99. Terri Axness
100. Vicki Sul­li­van
102. Jim Keith
103. Bill Potts
104. John Ris­ley
105. Deb & Larry Nelson