Porcelain Place


Porce­lain (noun) is a high-fired, vit­ri­fied [link] clay body con­sist­ing of kaolin, sil­ica, and one or more fluxes. Ball clay is some­times added to increase plas­tic­ity dur­ing form­ing. The total clay con­tent must be under 50% to be con­sid­ered true porce­lain. The clay body will fire to a white or off-white color and may be translu­cent where the wall is thin.

Explore a Dif­fer­ent Street 

Artists you will find on Porce­lain Place:

141. Natalie War­rens
142.Penelope Dews
143. Jim Sloss
144. Todd Whit­lock
145. Brenda Scott