Lowfire Lane


Low fire and high fire are rel­a­tive terms that relate to break­ing up the vast range of fir­ing tem­per­a­tures that are most often used in ceram­ics. In very basic terms low fire clay is refer­ring to clays that are often: earth­en­ware, terra-cotta and/or sculp­ture for­mu­la­tions; where as the term high fire is usu­ally used in describ­ing: stoneware, din­ner­ware and porce­lain clays. Low-temperature fir­ing range, usu­ally below cone 02 (2048 degrees F.), used for most bisque fir­ing, and for glaze fir­ing ter­ra­cotta and white­ware.

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Artists on Low­fire Lane:

129. Car­ole Hayne
130. Craig Mar­tel
131. Jon King
132. Faith Rahill
133. Provence/Mitchell
134. Nancy Adams
135. Gin­ger Steele
136. Charles Piatt
137. Walt Nens­man
138. Dave Parry
139. Sharon Green­wood
140. Anya Jack­son
141. Natalie Warrens