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High Fire

High-Fire Ceram­ics start around cone 8 and go as high as cone 13 and even higher. The stan­dard range is cone 9–10. The major­ity of your more com­mon stoneware and porce­lain clays are rated to cone 10 and are made pop­u­lar by both pro­duc­tion pot­ters and ceram­ics sculptors.

Cone 10 refers the tra­di­tional high-fire ceramic range. Ceramic artists have used this num­ber (2350 F) to fire stonewares and porce­lains for the past few cen­turies. Recent research shows that most affects achieved at Cone 10 tem­per­a­tures can be achieved at Cone 6 or mid-range tem­per­a­tures with a few chem­i­cal adjust­ments and a lot less fuel. There are still many who feel that Cone 10 is still the ulti­mate tem­per­a­ture range for full vit­ri­fi­ca­tion of their clays and ulti­mate results. Typ­i­cally crys­talline and wood­fire pot­ters will still fire in this range or some­times even hot­ter. The ceramic process nec­es­sary for these two spe­cific styles requires longer, hot­ter fir­ings for the desired reac­tions to occur. Com­mon exam­ples of cone 10 ceram­ics include ger­man salt fired stonewares, japan­ese wood­fired ceram­ics and the major­ity of con­tem­po­rary porce­lain. Crys­talline Glaz­ing is prob­a­bly the most pop­u­lar elec­tric high-fire appli­ca­tion, oth­er­wise it is con­sid­ered to be a waste in elec­tric kilns.

The high-fire cycle is sim­i­lar to the mid-range cycle with a bisque fir­ing from any­where between cone 012 to cone 04 and then a glaze or end-firing in the ranges men­tioned above (typ­i­cally cone 9–10). High-fire ceram­ics are achieved using any num­ber of dif­fer­ent fir­ing tech­niques includ­ing wood fir­ing, salt fir­ing, soda fir­ing, gas fir­ing etc.

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Artists on High Fire Highway:

38. Cheryl Kemp­ner
39. Dave Wingett
40. Nolan Blan­sit
41. Cheryl Weese
42. Amy Fields
43. Bruce Fontaine
44. Kay Irish
45. Doroghy Steele
46. Bill Delffs
47. Stephen Moel­ler­ing
48. Alan Hig­in­botham
49. Mary Hind­man
50. Bar­bara Had­dad
51. Michael Scrivens
52. Charles Gloskoter
53. Mar­lene Huntsinger
54. Susan Goebel