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Moody Little Sister
We are pleased to announce the musi­cians for this years Ceramic Showcase.

AnneMarieSandersoncpJasonQuigleyAnne-Marie Sander­son is a British singer-songwriter, cur­rently liv­ing in Port­land, Ore­gon.  Hav­ing cut her teeth on London’s bustling folk cir­cuit, she left Eng­land for Europe, teach­ing gui­tar for a spell before tak­ing up a nomadic exis­tence as a busker.  Now firmly planted in Port­land, she has been beguil­ing audi­ences all over town with her dis­tinc­tive sound.  Her new EP, Elo­quence, has received glow­ing reviews on both sides of the Atlantic, gain­ing recog­ni­tion in equal mea­sure for her well-crafted songs, inno­v­a­tive gui­tar play­ing, and her enchant­ing vocal stylings.  Fol­low­ing in the tra­di­tion of time­less singer-songwriters, her music is often com­pared to that of Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake, but fans and crit­ics alike rec­og­nize that Anne-Marie Sander­son is all her own.

Anne-Marie’s Elo­quence EP (2013) is avail­able through her band­camp page ( or at any of her per­for­mances.  Details of shows can be found here:
Youtube links:
Cameron Morgan
Cameron Mor­gan

Cameron Mor­gan

I have recent music avail­able for sale at:
and my last pop/rock album, “The Ambi­tion Tax” fits the KINK for­mat. That is avail­able at iTunes.
Cameron Mor­gan– plays at local jazz clubs and stu­dio player–
David TutmarkDavid Tut­mark is a clas­si­cal gui­tarist actively per­form­ing in the Pacific North­west.  David is known for his vis­ceral yet pol­ished style of play­ing and con­sis­tently deliv­ers cap­ti­vat­ing per­for­mances of tra­di­tional and con­tem­po­rary clas­si­cal gui­tar.  Com­ing from a back­ground in elec­tric gui­tar and rock, David began study­ing clas­si­cal gui­tar at Port­land State Uni­ver­sity.  After earn­ing a Bachelor’s degree in clas­si­cal gui­tar per­for­mance from PSU, David began a busy per­for­mance career, giv­ing over 100 per­for­mances in 2013 alone.  Today David con­tin­ues to main­tain a busy sched­ule as a per­former and teacher of guitar.
Doug Shafer
Doug Shafer
Doug Shafer Doug Shafer– plays con­sis­tently at PDX and does edu­ca­tional sem­i­nars about Mid­dle East­ern music, he is also an estab­lished painter and book maker– .
Jason Okamoto Jason Okamoto-flamingo/classical gui­tar– plays con­sis­tently at PDX —
Jimmy be Free
Jimmy be Free


Jimmy Free –7 string loop­ing violin-plays con­sis­tently at PDX & Cine­topia– –

Marlene Cassar
Mar­lene Cassar
Michael Lansing
Michael Lans­ing
Michael Lans­ing Michael Lans­ing– young upcom­ing singer song writer with loads of expe­ri­ence from fam­ily musi­cians– ,
Michelle Van Kleef
Michelle Van Kleef

Michele Van Kleef Michele Van Kleef-has played at sev­eral local music the­aters, Rose­land, Crys­tal Ball­room etc.-

Moody Little Sister
Moody Lit­tle Sister

Moody Lit­tle Sister

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