Free Demonstrations


11–12:30         Den­nis Mein­ers “Hand-building with Hand­made Slabs”,
12:30–2:00      Tea Duong “Push­ing Cones”, River Dog 10 or G Mix 10 grog,
2:00–3:30      Kristy Lom­bard 
3:30–5:00        Steve Kelly  “The Bowl”,
11–12:30        Jen Gauer and Meghan Radick  “Throw­ing and Dec­o­rat­ing with Clay Frost­ing”,
12:30–2:00     Gin­ger Steele “How to make and Use Your Own Latex Tex­ture Mats”
2:00–3:30        Donna Cole
3:30–5:00       James De Rosso, “Big Scary Mon­ster Jars”,
11–12:30        Jeanne Henry “Throw­ing Chick­ens and Other Foul”
12:30–2:00  Kazu­nao Azuma “Wheel Throw­ing Tech­niques from a Hokkaido Pot­ter”, 50# Big White
2:00–3:30      Hanna Trayn­ham “Play­ing With Slump; Carv­ing and Wood­fir­ing Porce­lain