Free Demonstrations at Showcase

James DeRosso

Ever won­der how artists do what they do?
How a lump of clay can become some­thing amazing?

Through­out Ceramic Show­case week­end, you’ll have many chances to watch artists cre­ate. Wheel work, hand build­ing and sculp­ture will all be well rep­re­sented. Who knows — maybe you’ll find your­self bit­ten by the Mud Bug…

11–12:45        James DeRosso “Hooked On Monsters”
                        Peter Meyer  “Off the Wheel and out of Round”
12:45–2:15    Jeanne Henry “The Maker of Bowls is a Designer of Holes”
                        Frank Gosar “Brush­mak­ing and Dec­o­rat­ing” no clay
2:15–4:00      Chris McClel­land “Poppy Field Boat”
                        Jim Sloss “High Pro­duc­tion Throwing-Teapots”
4:00–5:45      Nick Mola­tore “Throw­ing Pots Not Your Thing? How About drop­ping Pots?”
                        Dave Winget “Havin Fun on the Wheel”
11–12:45        Tea Duong “Play­ing with Clay”
                        Babette Har­vey “Put a Bird on a Cat”
12:45–2:15     Yoshiji Onuki, Mashiko pot­ter “Col­ored Clay Construction”
2:15–4:00        Gauer/Radick “Throw­ing and Dec­o­rat­ing with Clay Frosting”
                        Cathi Newlin “Ani­mal Sketches In Clay”
4:00–5:45       Andy Clift “Blos­somed: Arma­ture, Drape, and Inte­gra­tion Ideas and Techniques”
                        Kristy Lom­bard “Pandora’s Box: Build­ing and Dec­o­rat­ing Slab Ves­sels Using Your Own Stamps”
11–12:30        Steve Kelly “Mug Method-making a well-balanced mug from start to finish”
                         Anthony Gor­don “Funky Bird Fun”
12:30–2:00     Jason Laney ““Play­ing in the Mud”
                        Rhoda Fleis­chman “Two Tricks and a Secret”
2:00–4:00       Jean Ochsner  ”“Incor­po­rat­ing Pine-Needle Weav­ing Onto Your Ceramic Piece” no clay
                        Hanna Trayn­ham ““Alter and Carve– Pro­vok­ing Struc­tural Forms”