Alumina Alley


Crit­i­cal in glaze for­mu­la­tion (sec­ond only to sil­ica). An oxide, nat­u­rally occur­ring in clays and feldspars, which acts to sta­bi­lize a glaze. It is the chief oxide in the neu­tral group and imparts greater strength and higher fir­ing tem­per­a­tures top the body and glaze. When added to a glaze, it will assist in the for­ma­tion of matte tex­tures, inhibit devit­ri­fi­ca­tion, and increase the vis­cos­ity of the glaze dur­ing firing.

Explore a Dif­fer­ent Street

Artists you will find on this street:

1. Karen French
2. Andy Clift
3. Valerie Blessey
4.Lena Lumiere
5. Ji Min Lee
6. Dan Minard
7. Andrew Kail
114. Lindsoe-Johansen
115. Annie Heron
116. Renae Kowitz
117. Karen Peters
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