26 Questions with Kristy Lombard

Kristy Lombard

Kristy Lombard

Kristy Lom­bard is a newer OPA Mem­ber and par­tic­i­pat­ing Ceramic Show­case artist who won a 3rd place award last year, and has her win­ning piece fea­tured on this year’s poster.  Here is a lit­tle bit more about the artist.

“I actu­ally got started in ceram­ics in high school.  I went to David Dou­glas High School here in Port­land and Ron Linn was my teacher.  After that I some­how found myself major­ing in ceram­ics at the Uni­ver­sity of Ore­gon and got my BFA in 2003.  I got into teach­ing in 2004 when I took on the classes at Geor­gies.  Teach­ing was great and I con­tin­ued that for seven years.  But, by 2011 I was ready for a break from teach­ing and wanted to focus more on being a maker.  So now I am jug­gling art shows/fairs, gal­leries, a lit­tle whole­sale, work­shops here and there and I just started doing Port­land Sat­ur­day Mar­ket this year!  

It keeps me really busy, but I like the inter­ac­tion I get by sell­ing my work in per­son at the shows.

I am always try­ing to come up with some­thing new for Show­case!  I have an idea or two in the works for my gallery piece, and I would really like to come up with a new form to offer my cus­tomers.  I think it is imper­a­tive to keep evolv­ing with your work!  Not only to expand your own cre­ativ­ity, but also so that you can keep offer­ing fresh new work to your customers.
Hon­estly, I can’t remem­ber if I joined in 2005 or 2006!  This will be my 5th year hav­ing a booth at Show­case, but I took advan­tage of being a gallery only artist for a cou­ple of years before that.”

26 Ques­tions with Kristy Lombard

Lombard01.11. How long have you lived in the area?
Born and raised in this area, so 34 years
2.What is your favorite sea­son in Oregon?
3.What’s your favorite movie?
Pride and Prej­u­dice
4. Favorite cur­rent TV show?
Walk­ing Dead
5. A book you plan on reading?
Any­thing his­tor­i­cal fic­tion
6. A book you read in school that pos­i­tively shaped you?
To Kill A Mock­ing­bird
7. A ceramic artist that has influ­enced you?
Ron Linn, Sana Kru­soe, Justin Novak, Julia Gal­loway & Marek Cec­ula (All teach­ers of mine in some way)
8.Favorite non-ceramic artist?
I don’t really have a tra­di­tional ‘favorite’ because I like too many!  But right now I am in love with Sophie Blackall’s work.
9. What’s your favorite source for inspiration?
Nature and peo­ple
10. Beer or wine?
11. Favorite restaurant?
Break­side Brew­ery
12. Ideal breakfast?
Ger­man Pan­cake
13. Favorite dessert.
14.Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Mys­tery meat that was cold in Tai­wan.  I still don’t know what that was.
15. Favorite band?
Flo­rence + Machine
16.Favorite lyric?
‘I can’t com­plain but some­times I still do’ — Joe Walsh
17. Dogs or cats?
18. Bird watch­ing or whale watching?
Whale Watch­ing
19. Per­son you want to have cof­fee with?
I don’t drink cof­fee, but I’d have tea with Tina Fey.
20. What’s your favorite board game?
Any­thing but Monop­oly!
21.What’s the last coun­try you visited?
22. What’s a coun­try you’d like to visit?
Greece & Italy
23. What’s your favorite constellation?
Orion & Big Dip­per (hon­estly, the only two I can spot!)
24. Best way to decompress?
TV, pop­corn and cud­dling with my hus­band and dogs on the couch
25. When you’re not in the stu­dio you’re…?
I’m doing any num­ber of things, but what I like best is to be out explor­ing new places.
26. What’s your booth num­ber at Ceramic Showcase?
studio picture
And Check out some of the other shows that she sells at!
Art Ele­ments Gallery (New­berg, OR)
The Art Shop (Cor­val­lis, OR)
Crow Val­ley Pot­tery (Orcas Island, WA)
Blue Alchemy (Sis­ters, OR)
Soon to be at Mossy Creek Pot­tery (Depoe Bay, OR)
Port­land Sat­ur­day Mar­ket
Spokane Art­Fest
Lake Oswego
Belle­vue Fes­ti­val of the Arts
Art in the High Desert (hope­fully!)
Boise (hope­fully!)
Cor­val­lis Fall Fes­ti­val
Local 14
Art in the Burbs
Thanks for the inter­view, Kristy!

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