26 Questions with Anthony Gordon

Anthony Gordon

Anthony Gor­don, a 12 year mem­ber of the OPA from Cor­val­lis was the proud recip­i­ent of the 2013 Best of Show award for her piece Break­ing Free .  It is one of the pieces that has been fea­tured on this years Ceramic Show­case poster

2013 Best of Show piece by Anthony Gordon
2013 Best of Show piece “Break­ing Free”, by Anthony Gordon

I was born in Vir­ginia, and ended up in Cor­val­lis in 1991, and have loved being here ever since.  

I had my first wheel expe­ri­ence as a child, at age 10, but I never touched clay again until I was a 36 year old mother of a one year old: tak­ing pot­tery lessons one evening a week in Pre­to­ria, South Africa.

 I began with both wheel and hand build­ing, and have con­tin­ued to use both approaches. I was so hon­ored to have my horse “Break­ing Free” cho­sen Best in Show  in 2013.

I have been incor­po­rat­ing ani­mals into my forms since begin­ning. My stu­dio is named Chimera Clay because I often com­bine ani­mal forms to make fan­tas­tic and sym­bolic crea­tures. Espe­cially I have com­bined woman and horse forms and not at all like a cen­taur! Cur­rently my work is focussing on cups with sculp­tural ani­mal  lug han­dles, wilder­ness tea bowls to cel­e­brate 50 years of the Wilder­ness Act, and mosque like forms, in mem­ory of the destruc­tion of the beau­ti­ful archi­tec­ture of Mali.

Anthony Gordon
Anthony Gor­don

1.How long have you lived in the area? Since 1991, that is 23 years.
2. What is your favorite sea­son in Ore­gon? Spring, right now.
3. What’s your favorite movie? Lau­rence of Ara­bia
4. Favorite cur­rent TV show? Jus­ti­fied
5. A book you plan on read­ing? Moby Dick, maybe?
6. A book you read in school that pos­i­tively shaped you?  Beginner’s Mind by Shun­ryu Suzuki
7. A ceramic artist that has influ­enced you?  Cyn­thia Spencer
8. Favorite non-ceramic artist?  Leonard Cohen
9. What’s your favorite source for inspi­ra­tion?  Inspiration…cave art
10. Beer or wine? a smoky IPA
11. Favorite down­town restau­rant? Por Que Nos? (east side)
12. Ideal break­fast?  Pie
13. Favorite dessert.  dark choco­late

14. Weird­est thing you’ve ever eaten?  leop­ard meat in Zim­babwe
15. Favorite band?  Lumi­nes­cent Orchestrii (are they still together?)
16. Favorite lyric?  most any by Chris Smither
17. Dogs or cats? Dogs, but I like cats too.IMG_3243
18. Bird watch­ing or whale watch­ing? Bird watc­ing
19. Per­son you want to have cof­fee with?   Heidi Preus Grew
20. What’s your favorite board game?  domi­noes
21. What’s the last coun­try you vis­ited? Mex­ico
22. What’s a coun­try you’d like to visit?  Japan
23. What’s your favorite con­stel­la­tion?  the moon
24. Best way to decom­press?  walk­ing with my dog
25. When you’re not in the stu­dio you’re…? gar­den­ing, or read­ing or lis­ten­ing to live music, or watch­ing a Tim­bers game, or being with friends
26. What’s your booth num­ber at Ceramic Show­case? My show­case booth is J13, near the Demon­stra­tion Stage.


See you at Ceramic Show­case, Anthony!  Thanks for the interview!

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